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Eitan Evan is a graduate of economics and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as well as a graduate of The International Film School in London and winner of the award for Special Contribution to Israeli Cinema at the 2004 Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles.

A long list of film projects alongside extensive service (Head of the Producer's Guild, Member of the Israeli Film Fund as well as the Israeli Academy for Motion Picture and Television) has placed Eitan Evan at the top of the Israeli film industry for many years now.

The feature film "The Summer of Aviya" produced by Eitan Evan won numerous awards including the Silver Bear Award at the 1989 Berlin Film Festival. The film quickly became one of the all-time favorite classics in Israel. "Under the Domim Tree" won the Wolgin Award at the 1995 Jerusalem Film Festival and was officially selected for the 1996 Cannes Film Festival as well as participated in many other festivals worldwide. In 1995, he produced "Dangerous Acts" and won 7 Israeli Academy Awards. In 2003, he produced "Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi", which is one of the outstanding successes of recent Israeli Cinema. The film won 20 awards and distinctions in international festivals around the world and was commercially released in theatres in the U.S, France, Singapore and more. In 2007 he produced "Aviva My Love" that won 6 Israeli Academy Awards and was one of the highest grossing films in Israel to date. It participated in many international festivals and won several prizes.

Among Evan's other productions are: "The Wooden Gun", "An Intimate Story" Mister Leon," "The Philharmonic in Japan (which he also directed)," "Buba," "Every Time We Say Goodbye (starring Tom Hanks)," "After the Holidays," "Family Secrets," "Clean Sweep," "The Main Feature" and many others. In 2006/2007, Eitan produced "The Debt" (Assaf Berenstein) and "The Little Traitor" (Lynn Roth) starring Alfred Molina.